A bit of this… A bit of that…

I’m 26 year old Pagan Witch, and brand new Mother to  my beautiful baby boy – Connor Rhys…

I have a strong love for all things Faerie and  ancient, witchcraft and anthropology… Of things that go bump in the night, of the deep, dark places that most fear to tread, of magic, cunning, and sorcery… Of Crossroads and veils and crossing hedges… Of folklore, story-telling, dancing and music… Of ravens and crows, deer and toad… Of mud and blood, sticks and stones, roots, herbs and bones…

Amongst other things, I am…

… A mother, a wife and lover, a sister, a daughter… I am a gardener, a writer, a singer and dancer, incense maker, a Pagan, a diviner, a Witch, oil blender, a crafter… I am a priestess of The Antlered Ones, a sensitive, a friend, an artist, a dreamer, a faerie dancer, a layer of tricks, a scatterer of dusts, and a collector of dirts…..

I am English born and raised, but I am currently living in Columbus, Ohio with my husband (who is from here)… But our heart lies in England and we hope to return to live when we can…

* * *

So… I enjoy windy walks, going barefoot, need to be near water and have a thing for hanging out with trees… I love deep, watery caves (especially the temple in the caves deep beneath Glastonbury Tor), and dancing by firelight and drums….

I have danced naked around standing stones, I have bathed by moonlight, I have talked with those long dead, I have howled at the moon, I have met Them at the crossroads and walked Their ways… I have hugged and talked with trees, I have scryed smoke and mists… I have meditated in caves; deep and dark beneath the Earth, surrounded by Them…

I have been kissed by Faeries and I have danced and drummed to the rhythm of the Earth… Magic rushes through my bones and pulses through my veins… I have walked barefoot on Her breasts and felt His heartbeat surge through my soul…

I have dared to make my dreams come true and find my path to bliss….



  1. Wow love your into! You sound absolutely awesome!

    • Thank you sweetheart!

      I love your blog by the way…!

  2. simply all I can say is thank you… life has a way of giving us exactly what we need exactly when we need it… your intro was an inspiration to me.. and also a comfort. it is good to know there are others…

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